With the Highway 1A improvements underway in Cochrane, many residents are expressing their frustrations with further traffic delays due to the construction.

Peace Officer with the Town of Cochrane, Bob Hope is reminding residents that while the traffic delays may be inconvenient for the time being, it's the end result that the Town is trying to achieve.

Unlike a school or playground zone, a construction zone’s speed limit is applicable 24/7. Hope says that it's extremely vital for motorists to follow the posted speed limit in construction zones.

"The speed has been restricted for workers in the area; because it's dangerous for them," explains Hope. "If you look at the Highway 22 coming down into town that's posted at 50." Hope goes on to say that motorists need to use their best judgement and adjust their speed accordingly. He explains that  "a slower speed might be more applicable simply because of the conditions or workers [present] very close to the edge of the road."

Hope says that there is a hefty penalty for motorists who are speeding in construction zones.

"The speed fines double in that zone where it's posted," explains Hope. "What you'd normally get -- say it was $100 [fine], now it's $200."

Even when workers aren't present, there may be other driving hazards like bumps, fresh oil or loose gravel, and the reduced speed limits remain in effect. 

Hope recommends planning your route accordingly and factoring in the construction delays.

"Everybody's got a job to do," says Hope. "Just take your time, we all know that the 1A [construction] is going to be there for a long time yet. Plan it into your journey and understand that there's going to be delays."

Winter and construction ... although they tend to linger longer than we'd like here in Alberta, neither are going away any time soon.