Local singer/songwriter Justine Vandergrift is gearing up to celebrate her new album with a release party this Friday at Found Books.

“I released this album in March, but haven't really had the chance to tour because I'm a new mother so we've been keeping fairly busy,” says Vandergrift.

Called ‘Mountain Standard Time’, the Americana album marks a shift in her life. “The whole album is sort of about the future and I've always written about the past, but now I'm writing about the future and how things are changing. The best thing that we can do is try to be positive, come together, and work towards a better future.”

Tickets for the evening are still available HERE.

“We're going to play all the songs live, tell the stories about them. Noel Johnson is opening. He's a barber in town and a fantastic singer/songwriter as well.”

“I'll have a cellist and a steel player and, it's gonna be a great, great time at Found Bookstore.