The Cochrane Activettes Food Bank is looking for donations in a fun and unique way.

The One Bag Challenge has just kicked off, and the food bank is challenging you to donate cash or one bag of food, and nominate five other friends to do the same within 48 hours.

Mayor Ivan Brooker donated the opening bag of food yesterday, and nominated five Cochranites including Fire Chief Dave Humphries, and Marathon Man Martin Parnell.

Carol Tapsay, Food Bank Committee member, and Cochrane Activette, says the One Bag Challenge is a way to begin filling shelves before the food drive on Sept. 17.

"Summer is a tough time on families that are clients of the food bank, because kids aren't in school so they're eating more, we do see a higher demand in summer," she explains. "But of course with the economy in Alberta, we are seeing quite a marked increase in clients to the food bank, therefore we are going through our food drive stock faster than we have in the past."

Tapsay says the food bank is looking for donations of canned stews, canned chili, oatmeal, brown rice, coffee and tea, and canned fruit.

Anyone in town is welcome to join the One-bag Challenge.

"This is a fun way of using Facebook and challenging friends, and hopefully they learn a little bit about the food bank while doing it."

The One Bag Challenge originated in Kelowna, 16,000 lbs. of food was donated to the local food bank after it went viral.