The Town of Cochrane has been busy managing concerns that come with a televised professional cycling event riding through town.

Tour of Alberta will see 104 professional cyclists ride through Cochrane on September 2 as they make their way to Olds .

Suzanne Gaida, Senior Manager Community Services, says they too (administration and council), only found about the ride recently. If time permitted, the town would have come up with an alternate route.

"We would have asked them to do an alternate route, certainly come close to town so that people could enjoy it. But with the state of traffic, until the Province makes some changes either widening the roads or changing the intersection we wouldn't have supported an event like this coming through.

Gaida adds the town will do it's best  to make sure everything goes off smoothly.

"It's an exciting event, it's an international event. Last year it was viewed by 48 million people, for people to see our community and maybe say hey we should go visit there, or look at how beautiful it is there we should go cycle there, it could be great for our community from a tourism perspective."

The town's focus now is to get the message out- to either alter your plans or join in on the fun.

If cheering riders on, Gaida says you may want to park at a few key spots.

"Depending on which part you want to watch, the Historic Ranche Parking lot, anywhere in the downtown area. If you are going to walk up Glen Eagles, and walk up the hill, you can park at the ball diamonds. They are not going to allow any parking on the highway from my understanding."

Gaida says Tour of Alberta organizers have also told her that 60% of spectators actually bike to watch the event.

When it comes to emergency services, Gaida, has been involved with many talks with Tour of Alberta organizers and has been assured emergency service personnel will be able to get through.

"It was an assurance right at the beginning because the RCMP are managing it, they will have it under control. RCMP and Tour of Alberta assures us they will stop the race if required to get through."

Residential concerns of not having access in and out of communities is also on the list of town concerns.

"Local traffic will be allowed in and out of these communities up until the race is coming through, yes, the race will impact them but it will be a 10-20 minute window depending on the community. From the time the race hits our western edge of our community to the time it leaves the eastern edge of our community it's going to be about 10 minutes."

Electronic signage will be placed on all 4 directions of the highways warning of the closure by Monday, August 29.

There is no additional financial cost to the town for the race to come through.

"It is happening, so we need to get out as many people as possible and hopefully people come down and actually enjoy the event. It's a rare opportunity to see cycling at this level."