Instead of ending in September, the provincial government has extended the electricity rebate program to December of 2022. 

Nearly two million homes, farms, and businesses started receiving a $50 rebate on electric bills starting this month and were supposed to run for three months until September for a total of $150 in Albertan's pockets. 

However, the provincial government announced today (Wednesday, July 6) that the program will now run to December bringing the tally to $300 for six months up from $150 for three months. 

The electricity rebate will now see $600 million in relief through the rest of 2022 in an effort to combat rising inflation.

Dale Nally, Associate Minister of Natural Gas and Electricity says, "“We are doubling the electricity rebate to help reduce the financial burden that many families in Alberta are dealing with due to the rising cost of living. This move will help millions of families and business owners pay their bills and keep their lights on while we continue working to build a stronger, more affordable long-term electricity system.”

The province is also promising that there will be a natural gas rebate starting in October.