The summer months create a long to-do list for the Roads department in Cochrane. 

From April to October, the weather is generally conducive to getting things done requiring warmer weather. 

Crews will be all about town in the coming months maintaining and repairing roads, sidewalks and crosswalks. 

Wally Hume, Roads Manager says, "Regular maintenance and upgrading are an important part of improving safety and extending the life of Cochrane’s roadways. The majority of this work is done in the summer months. Many factors are considered such as public safety and accessibility, sound financial management, environmental respect and actioning community concerns.”

Some items on the to-do list include:

  • Crack sealing
  • Crosswalk, curb, and parking lot painting
  • Line painting
  • Manhole repairs
  • Pothole and asphalt repairs
  • Road and alley repairs 
  • Sidewalk replacements
  • Solar-powered crosswalk installation 
  • Storm sewer maintenance