December is known to be one of the most dangerous months on the road with snow and ice often making winter driving hazardous, and the increased risk for impaired driving is higher at this time of year.

As social calendars start filling up with holiday parties, Constable Jennifer Brewer with the Cochrane RCMP is reminding drivers to plan ahead and make safe decisions to get you to and from those holiday celebrations.

She says "It's important while operating a motor vehicle of any type to have all your faculties about you. Driving when you have an intoxicating substance or are overtired can lead to serious injury collisions and even collisions that result in a fatality. We'd like to remind everyone that when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle to ensure that they have all their faculties about them and not to operate any sort of motorized vehicle when they have any sort of intoxicating substance."

Impaired driving includes distracted driving, driving while overtired,  or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We can all help prevent impaired driving tragedies by planning ahead for a sober ride home. Local law enforcement has already put numerous check stops in place to ensure added safety on the roads.