Springbank Community High School's class of 2024 valedictorian is a top student, an athlete and a provincial robotics champion. 

Devin Corti has been selected to represent his class at this year's graduation on June 1. 

"I plan on going to the University of Waterloo for Mechatronics Engineering, which will really allow me to grow my passion for robotics. In school, I'm part of the robotics team and I'm part of the rugby team. I'm part of the grad committee so I do a lot of things in school and outside of school, I like hockey, I play baseball, and I like to read books in my free time."

Corti joined the robotics team when he was in grade 11.

His team qualified for the world championships after winning provincials and he said it was a phenomenal experience which helped spark his interest in robotics. 

"For that reason I started looking into Mechatronics Engineering, which combines mechanical software and electrical engineering, and you really work on the robot side of stuff. So instead of the software, you work on building robots and how they move and function."

Devin Corti 2Corti is part of the robotics team at Springbank Community High School 

"I really like pushing myself out of my comfort zone and trying new things."

Devin 3Corti is part of the Model UN Club at his school. 

The grade 12 student has a message for his fellow graduates. 

"I think the most important message I've taken out of high school is to just keep on trying new things. I joined the rugby team, I never thought I'd like rugby but rugby is a great sport and I've been playing it for two years now, it's been so fun. I also joined the Model UN club at Springbank. Again, didn't think I'd like public speaking that much but I got up there and it was a really great experience. So just by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you get to experience so many new things and try and find your passion. See what you like, and maybe you'll find your new passion."

Approximately 170 students will graduate from Springbank Community High School this year.  

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