The Rockyview Silvertips are in the early stages of preparing for what they hope will be their first full season of play since 2019.

The Junior 'B' tier 1 lacrosse team of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL) that calls the SLS Family Sports Centre home advanced to the playoffs in their last two season before the pandemic limited their play. 

They wrapped up their short 2021 exhibition season on a high note after a solid showing in an Okotoks tournament in July.

The Silvertips are in the early stages of preparing for the 2022 season with weekly Sunday training sessions.

Tyler Waycott has returned for his second stint as the team's head coach and says it's a privilege to return to the team.

In 2018, Waycott led the Silvertips to its first playoff appearance in a decade. That success was continued under the coaching staff headed by Derrick Henry in 2019 with a win in the first round of playoffs against the Calgary Chill.

"We're hoping to keep that momentum rolling and build off of the success of the last two seasons," says Waycott.

During a brief exhibition season last summer, the Silvertips were able to give some valuable floor experience to their younger players.

The Silvertips will be retaining players from previous years and will be able to carry a higher protection list before setting a final roster in April. There will also be a new crop of players from the mid-February draft.

"With the talent pool and everybody's protected list, who knows how many players we'll lose to the junior 'A' level or who might come back down. It's all a matter of evaluating who stayed current and in shape and had sticks in their hands over the last couple of years."

He says there's plenty of excitement over the possibility of getting back to a full season.

"It's looking like we're getting a season, so we're excited about that opportunity. I know a lot of players are very eager to get back to play."