The NDP government was hoping school fees could be eliminated, but with Alberta's economic state that action will not happen yet.

More families are anticipated to apply for Rocky View School subsidy this year as Alberta's economy continues to lag.

MLA Cam Westhead says helping families with education remains a top priority for the Alberta government.

"Working towards reducing school fees is something that the government remains committed to exploring, but it has to be as finances permit. Looking at school fees and making sure parents are getting the best value for their dollars is something we are committed to going forward."

Westhead says across the Province, 41 school boards have been able to reduces fees by roughly 3%.

Karyn Golem RVS, Director of Finance, says while RVS has not reduced fees, they have not raised them either.

"Rocky View has put in a few extra procedures and policies that we ask all of our schools to adhere to restricting what fees can be charged for and also ensuring there is transparency to our parent groups; so that everybody is fully aware why the fee would be required and how much it would be. At this time no, there is no discussion of reducing the fees but we have not increased them over the last five or six years; understanding that there are concerns around the amount of fees."

While RVS has not noticed an influx in families not paying their fees, Golem does say the impact can have implications for all families.

"The impact of when parents choose not to pay those fees is there are less supplemental resources really for the other children. And in essence, what may end up happening is the other children's parents who have paid sort of subsidize the one's who haven't."

With the economic downturn, Golem anticipates an increase in subsidy applications for the 2016/17 school year.

"Every year during our budgeting process part of that is an estimation of what the revenue will be coming to the division, and we expected an increase of about 2-3% as far as eligibility for the waiver criteria. We did predict that and we are assuming at this point in time that that will come to fruition."

Golem adds if you are wondering if you qualify, it is easy to apply.

"Parents can access via our website a form that is filled out and sent in to central office and then you will generally hear back within one to two weeks."

If you are looking for financial subsidy from RVS, you can apply here.