On Saturday, Sept. 10, Redwood Meadows firefighters will spend the night camping on the roof of Bragg Creek Foods to raise funds and awareness for wellness initiatives in the volunteer fire department.

The ninth annual Heroes In The Sky event kicks off at 11 a.m. Saturday, and runs until 6 p.m. Sunday, not only will firefighters camp out, but there will be a big party on the ground for the community.

Gary Robertson, President of the Redwood Meadows Firefighters Association, says it's extremely important to keep firefighter health and wellness programs afloat.

"The demands on volunteer firefighters are the same as it would be on a full time professional firefighter working in a city," he says. "For us to keep our volunteers who are giving their time to the community, on top of having a full time job, and a family, it's a way that we can give back and keep them healthy."

Robertson explains the programs the fire department can offer through Heros In The Sky are not just about physical health.

"In the last couple of years there's been more and more discussion about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and first responders, and volunteers or no exception, they're not immune to that either."

The goal is to raise $10,000 for the wellness programs, last year the event raised $6,000 which has already been put to good use.

"One of our deputy chiefs has lost over 30 pounds in the past year through these programs, so we're pretty proud of him, and it's good results for the program."

On Sunday the Man Van from the Prostate Cancer Centre will come out, and do baseline blood tests for men to check for levels of the antigen for prostate cancer.

"We're encouraging all the men in the community to come out and get checked, prostate cancer is also prevalent in firefighters due to occupational exposures."

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