Martin Parnell will be lending his expertise to budding novelists at the Cochrane Public Library over the next year.

Parnell is a man of many talents; speaker, motivator, marathoner, Guinness World Record holder, and author. Parnell will take his own personal quest to help motivate and inspire others.

"I am there for a year, well September 30 to May 30, and during the year there will be four workshops/presentations. I will be talking about a number of things blogging, getting a book published, graphic novels; there will be some fun evenings during that period."

Parnell will also be a fixture in the library, every Tuesday, for more personal chats.

"I will be at the library from 9 am until 11 am where I welcome aspiring authors, kids, and everybody to come. I am happy to talk about what they're working on, what they want to do with it, any little hints; I will be there for them to have a chat with."

Parnell is getting ready to release his fifth book 'Running to the Edge' on November 8.

"This talks about the quests I have been doing a number of them in Cochrane, Guinness World Records, plus what I have just been through the last 18 months with the clot on the brain I had."

Parnell has self published three books of his own as well as gone through a publisher. Parnell shares he is looking forward to helping others; as long as jokingly, he doesn't have to help people spell.

"I am happy to share my tips on blogging, on writing up a book proposal, working with a publisher, and so on. I am not a very good speller, so do use spellcheck, because that is one area that I can't really help them."

Parnell says if you haven't been to the Cochrane Public Library in awhile, stop in, check it out, and reconnect. The library is much more than just books on shelves these days.