Lives with Less Plastic is offering seven challenges for residents to consider for the celebration of Earth Week.

Jade Janzen, of Lives with Less Plastic, says the challenges offer many educational opportunities and everyday practices.

It started today (Sunday, Apr. 18) with learning more about environmental organizations in the area, what they do, and how you can get involved.

"We created this little challenge as some simple things people can do each day," says Janzen. "Overall. it will just make them more well-rounded about environmental organizations, where their waste can go, and then some easy tips and other things they can do throughout the week."

These are the other challenges:

Monday, Apr. 19 - Go meat-free, or buy everything locally sourced.

Tuesday, Apr. 20 - Looking into your area's composting, recycling, and garbage policy. Make sure you are putting things in the right bin.

Wednesday, Apr. 21 - Check out "AB Recycling, A Creative Ecosystem," or watch another environmental documentary.

Thursday, Apr. 22 - Commit to one environmental change over the next year.

Friday, Apr. 23 - Start a garden. Herbs, vegetables, or flowers; anything you want to grow.

Saturday, Apr. 24 - Go outside and pick up at least 20 different items of litter.

Last year, the youth environmental group issued a month-long challenge in August to reduce our reliance upon single-use plastic. 

Earth Day is being celebrated Thurs. Apr. 22. This year's theme is “Together, We Can Restore Our Earth.” 

You can find more information about Lives with Less Plastic here.