An art exhibit of Calgary lithographer John Snow opens Thursday, July 29, at the Cochrane Public Library, 405 Railway St. W.

Fourteen pieces of his lithography will be on display throughout the library, each with a brief description. A biography of Snow will also be on display.

A library card isn't required to view the exhibit that runs until Aug. 25.

Jessie Pepin, community outreach and program librarian, says how it captures local life and the colours used are appealing.

"It's more of an enjoyment of local life, of people, and coloured areas. So there are lots of really beautiful yellows and blues that are very much of the Prairies."

In 1953, bank manager and artist Dr. John Snow discovered that a Calgary commercial printing company had discarded two lithography presses and some printing stones in their back alley. He purchased the presses for $15 and established a basement studio.

At the time, no one in Alberta and very few people in Canada used lithography to create art. He sought training from American printmakers and did further independent research to establish his process.

The pieces on display combine rich layers of saturated colours, simple patterns, and textures. His body of work added a modern lens to traditional portraits and still-life.

Snow's nominal investment yielded a significant return. Throughout his 50-year career, he created hundreds of expressive printed and acted as a mentor for many of his contemporaries.

Twice a year, the local library hosts travelling exhibitions of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts."What Lies Beyond" will be featured at the library next March.

Pepin explains the travelling exhibits are designed to help Albertans become aware of Alberta artists.