Pallet after pallet of donated food was dropped off this afternoon at the Helping Hands Headquarters for what has been dubbed the “Kraft Chaos Party”.

Kraft Heinz donated 15,000 pounds of food to the community as another prize for Cochrane's finish in the top four of the 2024 Kraft Hockeyville competition.

Representatives from area food banks and neighbouring food rescue agencies joined Helping Hands to divide the food and spread the love.


Helping Hands executive director Laura McDonald says seeing all the food is exciting, but it's truly about all the people it will go on to help.

"The food is incredible, but what's even better is seeing the opportunity to share with the Cochrane Food Bank and Îyâhrhe Nakoda Food Bank and knowing that this food will be spread far and wide, not just through Helping Hands, but through these wonderful partner food organizations."

The pallets included everything from Kraft staples like Kraft dinner and ketchup but also peanut butter, pasta sauce and more. 


"We were so lucky, we were actually able to work with Kraft and decide what should come in on this shipment, what we thought would serve the people of Cochrane best and the people of Mînî Thnî."