Heather Blush and The Uppercuts are a local act that has a big show this Saturday (January 28, 2023) at the Beaupre Community Hall.

Heather braved the snowy Cochrane roads to visit 91.5 FM CochraneNow to give a special sneak peek of what everyone can expect to see this weekend.

Heather is no stranger to the music scene and even played her first show in the Calgary area right here in Cochrane.

“I moved to Calgary in 2003 and then started looking around for places to play. The first place that actually hired me for a gig was in Cochrane and it was a little place called the Blue Dog Cafe.” 

“It was great and I played there so often that I got to know the staff so well that they started inviting me to their yearly Christmas staff parties.”

The Beaupre Community Association is kicking off a new feature of regular shows called The Alberta Grass Roots Concert Series.

“I believe that they had a series going for a while but maybe had shut it down  for a few years with the pandemic.” Heather explains. “if I'm understanding right, we're going to be their first show, kind of getting it going again and moving forward.”

Tickets for the Saturday night show are still available HERE with doors opening at 6 p.m.