Cochrane's minor female hockey program is exploding.

For the first time ever girls have filled every division from initiation to midget for the upcoming season.

Lorne Bremner, Coach for Peewee Female Minor Hockey says they are super excited to watch the program expand.

"We are going to have over 25 girls registered for the initiation program, our novice program is approaching 25 girls, even though our numbers are a little tight in atom and peewee we have enough that we are going to run teams in both those divisions as well. So a really, really great first year."

Bremner isn't surprised of the high demand.

"We know for a fact that girls were either leaving ice sports all together or going over to ringette but we knew we were losing girls because there was not a girls option to play together. The feedback was immediate and high numbers, as soon as we started to say here is what our plan is and this is what we are thinking of doing."

Bremner says he knows there is a lot of work to be had yet.

"To just have that start, to think of the numbers we have now from basically just stating our push last February is amazing. I think if we keep going down this road we are going to be running two teams in each division in the not too distant future."

Everyone who has signed up for girls hockey whether they checked the girls option or not will get an opportunity to play girls hockey if they want. Bremner adds if they switch their minds later though hey will be of luck as the program is full.

The girls hockey league will continue to promote themselves with some fun 'try out' days next spring with the goal to create two teams for most divisions.

For more information on girls hockey you can email Bremner at or check here.