Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre (SLSFSC) has released it's fall fitness program guide.

Shawna Kerr-Smith SLSFSC Marketing and Events Coordinator says there will be a few new additions this fall.

"We have got a Learn to Hit program for those who want to learn how to hit the heavy bag, it will just get you the basics and then you will be more comfortable going into the classes. Archery Tag and Bubble Bump are new but as registered programs that will run as one day events. Archery Tag will run for youth and adults on separate days, one night at a  time, so it's no commitment and it's $12. It's a nice cheap way to get out and have some fun."

Bubble Bump will be offered to youth 9-13 years of age.

"We have opened up a bubble bump soccer league. I am sure everyone has seen those big bubbles that you hit each other with and you chase a soccer ball around, we are going to run a league for that."

Membership continues to grow and stay strong even through with the ongoing construction at the centre.

Kerr-Smith says right now is a great time to pick up that annual membership if you have been thinking about it.

"If you were to buy an annual membership right now it will go 12 months. So it will go to August of next year, so it means you will get the pool in it  for how ever many months at right now's price. It is a really good time to buy a membership for an annual."

Kerr-Smith adds SLSFSC runs registered programs for kids as young as 4 to seniors, with drop in classes available too.

"There is tons for any activity level, endurance level, knowledge level, level of comfort, and age."

To view the fall program guide check here.