Eager gardeners formed a line awaiting the start of the semi-annual plant sale fundraiser of the Cochrane & District Horticultural Society held in front of the Cochrane Public Library on May 26.

Although it has become the norm, society president Paola Dotter-Cena believes they had a few more people line up in advance this year to purchase plants, seeds and gardening accessories.

"And we had way more and way better quality of donations, too," she says. "The community really stepped up this year and brought so much to us either before the event or the day out. We got a lot the day of and the greenhouses in the area have been super supportive."

A large variety of items were contributed by local Anything Grows, Badger Ridge Greenhouse, Top Spray, and Branched Out and several of the society's members. There was also a draw for a composter, donated by Cochrane Home Treasures.

The passionate gardeners hold two fundraising sales a year to support local causes. This one was held to support the Îyâhrhe Nakoda Food Bank Society.

In the past, they've supported organizations like the Cochrane Food Bank, Cochrane community gardens, Helping Hands, the Cochrane Public Library, and Wayfinders Wellness.

"So, any kind of nonprofit that is either in dire straits or they're kind of under recognized, underfunded are the ones that we tend to gravitate towards," says Dotter-Cena.

solar rollerThe Passive Solar Roller of Cultivate Cochrane was onsite for the sale.

Like many other events over the weekend, as if on cue, the rain stopped or at least eased for a bit.

"We all had layers and layers and layers on, and by the time we were ready, the sun came out and it's been great and we're going to hope that it stays that way until 3:00."

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