The proposed Glenbow Ranch Area Structure Plan has raised questions for Town of Cochrane Council.

Town council has not yet been given a detailed review of the ASP as of yet, and haven't sat down and evaluated in detail how could affect Cochrane.

Tara McFadden, Councillor and Deputy Mayor, says although that hasn't happened there are clear concerns about how a 14,000 person hub adjacent to Cochrane could impact us.

"There's a lot of questions about whether the proposal they're looking at is going to make a complete community," she explains. "We're looking at not only providing houses and roads, but for the complete community: recreation, social services provided, soft services, are they looking at providing that, or will it just be residential homes?"

McFadden adds there are also concerns from a hard service perspective about how Rocky View County will be providing water and sewer services.

While she hopes the Town of Cochrane's concerns are heard, since the development is in RVC boundaries council will have no authority over the decision making.

"It requires zero approval from us whatsoever, we do have Intermunicipal Committee meetings with RVC, where we sit down and provide updates on what each municipality is going through. I certainly hope as we look at this they're prepared to give a respectful ear to the concerns of Cochrane and Calgary."

Mcfadden says any traffic issues east of Cochrane will be up to Alberta Transportation to decide on."

"Would i be worried? We've been lobbying for years to get the province to help with the existing challenges with Highway 22 and Highway 1A that we face on a daily basis, and I wouldn't want any projects to take precedence in the area over that one."

McFadden says council will be looking very closely at the plan as it could have a significant impact on Cochrane.



Glenbow Ranch Area Plan Could Accommodate 14,300 Residents.