If you’ve ever had to call a tow truck, chances are it wasn’t because your drive was smooth and uninterrupted.

“Nobody needs a tow truck for a good reason,” reflects Dave Moore, owner of Dave Moore Transport & Recovery. “It’s because something’s gone wrong or something’s become complicated.”

For more than a decade, Cochrane-based Dave Moore Transport & Recovery (DMTR) has been serving customers with towing and emergency roadside help. They typically work between Calgary city limits and the B.C. provincial border, although they make a point to avail themselves wherever they happen to be needed – which means a large swath of western Canada.

“Our goal is to make a bad situation better, and to be easy to do business with,” says Moore. “We look at our business through the eyes of our customer, who is often somebody in a disadvantaged situation.”

And that’s where the DMTR philosophy of service kicks in. Moore underlines his company’s commitment to making the customer’s experience as positive as possible, never capitalizing on disadvantage.

“We’re always trying to seek out what we, ourselves, would want from that situation,” he explains. “What would I want if it were my loved one?”

Oftentimes, it’s the small details that can make a big difference. Like if someone happens to lose their wallet at a collision site or their office keys inside a towed vehicle. For DMTR, helping that customer retrieve their belongings or find their way through other difficult circumstances is just as important as the roadside assistance.

“The technical aspects of a tow or recovery can be very challenging,” concedes Moore, “but the really important part of our job is to look after the people involved in these situations.”

Dave Moore Transport & Recovery operators are trained for jobs of every size, from motorcycle breakdowns to recoveries of motor coaches and semi tractors and trailers. But, says Moore, he’s able to train the right kind of employees; it’s attitude and people skills he looks for first when recruiting.

After all, DMTR will be able to tow, recover or provide other assistance to vehicles in most situations. It’s in helping people through challenging times that Moore and his staff set themselves apart.

“If your equipment matters, and if time matters, and if the way you’re treated matters,” says Moore, “then we’re your best solution.”

Dave Moore Transport & Recovery can be reached 24/7 by calling (403) 975-3899. For questions regarding services and fees, call the office at (403) 932-9024 or visit the DMTR website.

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