Donna Read and her husband, Mike were out for a walk on a beautiful fall afternoon in Cochrane when they came across this pretty amazing (& kind of scary) sight. 

The couple looked up and saw four bears in a tree. 

This was around 1 p.m on Sunday.

According to an email sent into 91.5 CochraneNow, Read says "The tree was 30 feet away. We started backing up quickly, rather quickly and then went into somebody's yard."

Read says the mama bear is the one that was closest to the bottom of the tree, and was glaring at them as they got closer. 

Their neighbours invited them onto their deck, and that's where they were able to grab this photo. 

According to the neighbours, the bears had been there all morning. 

The bears were in a tree near Jumping Pound Creek, behind the neighbourhood of Bow Meadows. 

Read says Fish and Wildlife has been contacted.