Local photographer Tim Hall not only captures many local Cochrane events, but captures the beauty of our town and it's surrounding area.

Hall has been nominated and won many awards for his creative, sharp, and keen eye.

Over the past year, Hall has spent more time pursuing his passion competitively. 

"Over the years I am sure I have submitted images here and there, but this year was a real focus for me and a changing point in my career. I started shooting for these contests and award recognition."

Hall has a few feathers in his cap, such as being showcased in the 150th Anniversary of the RCMP Calendar put forth by Canadian Geographic and most recently won best in class with Viewbug and an Honorable Mention in Canadian Cowboy Magazine. 

Hall says he believes his style is what makes his work unique.

"I have to say my style of shooting is completely outside the box, I don't shoot like a university taught photographer, I have never taken a class in my life. I don't play by the rules."

Hall's passion comes easy to him, he shares.

"I am inspired by this Province, by this Town of Cochrane; so every time I head out with a camera, honestly, I don't know what  I am going to come home with." 

One of Hall's favorite things to do is storm chase; and with weather as of late, Hall has managed to capture some amazing shots.

"Storm chasing is a factor during the months of July and August because we have such dynamic weather patterns here around Cochrane. With landscapes, winter in the Rockies goes without words, it's just beautiful."

Hall has also started up a photography tour of a ranch out west for photographers to connect with nature and landscape.

"This for lack of better words is a photographer's playground, we will be working with Saddle Peak Trail Rides out west, we will be working with Jennifer Winter of Winter's Photography to put groups together."

If you would like more information on Hall or the photography tour, you will find information here.