A new group is being launched for Cochrane men.

100 Men Who Give A Damn is looking for male members who wish to make a huge a impact on charities/organizations that benefit the local Cochrane area.

Rob Miller and Tim Carlson have decided to start the group which compliments the efforts of Cochrane's 100 Women Who Care, who in just over one year donated over $38,000 to causes benefiting local Cochranites.

Miller, who was a member of 100 Men Calgary, says he is happy to help create a group for like minded men in town.

"I think if they come out, once you come out and experience it, it's fantastic. There's no reason not to be a part of it; it's so simplistic yet so powerful, it just makes it so easy."

Besides forming new friendships and networking, the objective is simple- 100 Men, donate $100, in one hour.

Miller shares the organizers are open to discussing who/what organizations will benefit from the donation as long as it has a local twist.

"It is extremely difficult most evenings to pick between the nominees, it's very interesting. I find even hearing of organizations or charities you have never even heard of is one of the best things. It's the small ones where a $10,000 cheque is absolutely astronomical to them."

Miller is hopeful some men will join early so they have some charities to choose from at their inaugural meeting.

The first meeting for 100 Men Who Give a Damn will be on September 21, 7 pm (reception 6:30 pm) at Killarneys Neighbourhood Pub. If you would like more information on the group you will find it here or email info@100MenCochrane.com